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"After more than 70 years of suffering, I worked with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and completely resolved the cat allergy in one session.  I had allergic reactions from the first time I was ever near a cat. Since my wife loves cats, the itching, running eyes and sneezing was the price I had to pay, if I wanted to keep my marriage. I tried everything, even used allergy shots to handle my problem. It has been three years since that day with Dr. McDonald; I'm still amazed and very grateful!
Lawrence A. Levinson, Retired Investment Banker, Age: 77, California

Wheatgrass or Barley Grass:

"For ten years, I felt nauseous whenever I even smelled wheatgrass or barley grass.  After working with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald for 15 minutes, I now drink wheatgrass or barley grass every day as part of my physical fitness nutrition plan.  I don't feel nauseous or sick at all.  I'm so grateful."
Carrie Monroe

 Molds and Dust:

"For most of my adult life, I had serious allergies to molds and dust. Over the years, I tried every physical remedy: from pills to sprays to shots to surgery to open the sinus passages. And, as a Religious Science Minister, I have used affirmative prayer treatment to be healthy and resolve the allergies. All to no avail. But, in the lobby of a hotel where we met for a recent conference, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald worked with me for about 20 minutes. Immediately after our work I was able to literally put my head under my bed and inhale the dust under it. By working directly with the belief and replacing it with a new one, Dr. McDonald did in 20 minutes what years of other treatment, both physical and metaphysical had failed to do.  I'm able to be in dusty areas, like the garage, working in the yard, etc., with little or no symptoms, for the first time ever. Amazing!"

Rev. Dr. Frank ZumMallen, President, Affiliated New Thought Network

"I was allergic to shellfish for 20 years. Allergy medicine did not resolve it. I worked with
Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and resolved the allergy in about 30 minutes.  That was three years ago. I now enjoy eating shellfish and not worrying about food at banquets."
Nancy Wertz, Coach, Louisiana

"My four year old son has shown no sign of asthma since I worked with Dr. Robert and Dr. Luzette.  After listening to my son's metaphor-story, our family told it to him. 
He is now healthy and free of medication for the first time in his life.  I am so happy."
Brandy Peacock, Teacher, California


"My wife was diagnosed with asthma in 2001 by a pulmonary specialist after being told by our family doctor that she had asthma.  She then took oral medication and/or inhalers for 8 years.  About 7 months ago, she knew her asthma was worse, saw her allergy/asthma doctor, and found she could only blow 79% on her breathing test -- the worst she had ever done.   Two weeks after Dr. Robert Dee McDonald worked with her, having stopped her medication, she kept her last doctor's appointment and blew in the mid-nineties on her first attempt and 99% on her second attempt.  The doctor was astonished."

James Tidwell, Louisiana


"For three months after moving to a new city, I suffered every day from an allergy to the city's water.  Whenever I used the city's water for showering or wore clothes washed in the city's water, my skin became irritated, warm to the touch, and developed a rash. Then I worked with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, and in about 20 minutes my allergy was gone.  I am now, even a month later, able to shower and wear clothes washed in the city's water without any irritation or urge to scratch and the rash is gone.  I am very grateful!"
Carrie Monroe, California 

Learning How to Resolve Allergies

"Around 1994, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald taught me how to end allergies.  Since then I have resolved allergy problems with 25 out of 30 people.  For example, my niece dreaded visiting her in-laws because she was allergic to their dog.  So, I guided her though the 10-minute process.  Afterward, she reported that she was no longer allergic to the dog, and now . . . she has one of her own."                                                                                                                                                                     Tom Gorley, NLP Master Practitioner, California

  Fish Allergy

"For the past seven years I have been unable to eat fish without a serious allergic reaction.  My throat would swell up.  But now I have no allergic reaction to eating fish.  Dr. Robert Dee McDonald took me through a 15-minute process (on September 11, 2014).  A day later, I ate a whole flounder. It was just like eating anything else.  I had no allergic reaction. I really think this is a miracle."

Monique Thielen-Zuidwijk, Holland