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Good morning Dr. McDonald & Luzette,
I wish I can express better by words all the joy and gratefulness I have in my heart towards both of you, towards your amazing work of healing, and dealing with people. I will never forget my five days in LA spent with you. It took ONLY five days with YOU for me to become more grounded, to breathe better, to be less fearful, to eliminate my anxiety, to be more grateful and hopeful, to see deeper and brighter colors of the world... and much more. I am surprised often enough by unexpected reaction/feeling in various situations. "Where did that come from??", I ask myself with a quiet joy going through my entire body. In those moments I immediately think of you and sending you my warm thoughts and heartfelt prayers. (...and want to pick up the phone and call you right away!)

I feel very fortunate to have found you, to have known you and to have the priviledge to call you when my heart feels overwhelmed with amazing joy and thankfulness.

Love & prayers,

Allergies:  Dust & Molds
"For most of my adult life, I had serious allergies to molds and dust. Over the years, I tried every physical remedy: from pills to sprays to shots to surgery to open the sinus passages. And, as a Religious Science Minister, I have used affirmative prayer treatment to be healthy and resolve the allergies. All to no avail. But, in the lobby of a hotel where we met for a recent conference, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald worked with me for about 20 minutes. Immediately after our work I was able to literally put my head under my bed and inhale the dust under it. By working directly with the belief and replacing it with a new one, Dr. McDonald did in 20 minutes what years of other treatment, both physical and metaphysical had failed to do.  I'm able to be in dusty areas, like the garage, working in the yard, etc., with little or no symptoms, for the first time ever. Amazing!"
Rev. Dr. Frank ZumMallen, President, Affiliated New Thought Network

Allergy:  Shellfish
"I was allergic to shellfish for 20 years. Allergy medicine did not resolve it. I worked with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and resolved the allergy in about 30 minutes.  That was three years ago. I now enjoy eating shellfish and not worrying about food at banquets."
Nancy Wertz, Coach, Louisiana

"My four year old son has shown no sign of asthma since I worked with Dr. Robert and Dr. Luzette.  After listening to my son's metaphor-story, our family told it to him.  He is now healthy and free of medication for the first time in his life.  I am so happy."
Brandy Peacock, Teacher, California


"My wife was diagnosed with asthma in 2001 by a pulmonary specialist after being told by our family doctor that she had asthma.  She then took oral medication and/or inhalers for 8 years.  About 7 months ago, she knew her asthma was worse, saw her allergy/asthma doctor, and found she could only blow 79% on her breathing test -- the worst she had ever done.   Two weeks after Dr. Robert Dee McDonald worked with her, having stopped her medication, she kept her last doctor's appointment and blew in the mid-nineties on her first attempt and 99% on her second attempt.  The doctor was astonished."  James Tidwell, Louisiana


Pancreatic Mass:

"I was diagnosed with a pancreatic mass on August 15, 2011, ten days ago. Last Friday, six days ago, my Gastro-Intestinal MD told me these tumors never just go away.  We talked about what my choices would be after I got a CT scan. It just so happened that Dr. Robert Dee McDonald held a healing class in my area on Sunday, 4 days ago. I used one of his techniques on my own to resolve the problem with my pancreas, and then in his class, Dr. Robert took me through the same process again.  Yesterday, 3 days after his class, I had the CT scan.  The surgery MD showed me the original ultrasound with the mass, and he showed me my new CT scan where there is no mass.  Then the GI MD called to report that there is no evidence of a pancreatic mass.  He was amazed!  I want Dr. Robert to share this on his website so that people can see how powerful his methods are."

Pat Hogan, Nurse, Santa Cruz, CA

The Heart of Singing:
I'm personally inviting you to attend this, if you ever have had any desire to sing (and haven't) or have had yucky beliefs about your voice (like I had).  I took Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's Heart of Singing 5 years ago and it changed my life, from the inside out!  We all experienced so much healing and had so much fun, it was miraculous.  I encourage you to attend, even if you have a wonderful voice and are already a good singer.  It is so delicious to feel the changes occur, with each participant and the whole group! 
With Aloha, Karren Louise, Truly Transformational Touch

 Family Belief About Singing:

"I had an entrenched family belief that I had a terrible voice ("our family can't sing"), until I took Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's one-day class called The Heart of Singing.  Now I have a hit audio podcast with over 1.5 million downloads to date, and listeners often tell me what a beautiful voice I have."  Renee Stephens, Certified Master Destination Coach

Physical Pain Damaged Knee:
"After each training run for New York City Marathon in Nov. '06, I suffered from heavy pain in my left knee, due to a former injury of the inner posterior meniscus.  I had arthroscopic surgery for that pain in 2005. I am a MD, so I know how bad it really looked inside my knee. I was limping when I came to Dr. McDonald's program in Bielefeld, Germany. I used Dr. McDonald's Activation of the Creative Order because I wanted a healthy left knee. The integration symbol I found from Dr. McDonald's Healing Yes, Healing No process was a chestnut.  Later I discovered that a chestnut looks similar to the histological images of the cells (which I had in mind), which form the new basis of the meniscus. I also imagined a future examination of my legs by my physiotherapist.  After doing the ACO, I was astonished that I did not feel any discomfort in my knee, even when I walked down the four flights of stairs, at the end of the seminar. Yet, since the pain used to disappear after resting my legs for some hours, I was not sure if the pain would start again after my next run.  However, from that moment on I had a healthy left knee. No pain, no suffering.  A few weeks later my physiotherapist talked to me exactly as I had foreseen during the ACO.  Then I comfortably ran the NYC Marathon last week (Nov. 4th, 2006)."  Wilhelm Adelhardt, M.D., Saarbrucken, Germany

Chronic Back Pain:
"I had chronic back pain for nearly five years. Nothing relieved it. I tried physical therapy; epidural steroid injections;  chiropractic adjustments; acupuncture; exercise; and pain care management. I worked with Dr. Robert McDonald for about an hour and am now completely pain-free.  I am filled with gratitude.  What a wonderful life I am living!"
Charlotte St. Romain, Louisiana

Heart Transplant:
"It's been almost 14 years since my heart transplant.  And I have not had a single problem with my heart. Due to Robert McDonald's methods and guidance, as I was wheeled into the operating room I was totally confident that my heart transplant operation would be perfect.  And I would be perfect.  Six hours later, my thoracic surgeon told me the operation was in fact perfect.  Usually he would give two pints of blood to his patients, but I didn't need a drop. Now, every three months my transplant coordinator exclaims, 'You are my only patient that ALWAYS has perfect blood work.' And I say to myself, 'Yes, but they didn't work with Robert.'"
Cliff Leonard

Hepatitis C:
"I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, but after I went through the Activation of the Creative Order Process, there is no trace of the virus. Amazing!  Thank you, Dr. Robert, for the creating the ACO.  It is really heaven sent.  May God bless you."
Paulo H. Sales, Northern California, 9/08

Fibromyalgia and Antidepressants:
"I'm so grateful, I'm almost speechless, lost for words.  Dr. McDonald is incredible. The transformation that took place in me in just two seminars, The 7 Steps of God and The Power of Dynamic Listening, is absolutely mind-boggling.  I had been on antidepressants and suffering with fibromyalgia for 15 years.  I am now off antidepressants, the fibromyalgia is completely gone and I feel great.  Thank You! Thank You!  I'm very eager to take the certification classes."  
Candy Duncan, Houston, Texas

Skin Cancer:
"The 7 Steps of God program by Dr. Robert McDonald is the best thing we've had at our church. From this workshop there was a healing of cancer from the inside out, which surprised the medical doctors.  Our Practitioner Emeritus had an experience of the Christ Consciousness.  I recommend it to all Religious Science churches since it is treatment in a physical embodiment experience."
Rev. Marigene DeRusha, Center for Spiritual Living, St. Louis, MO.

Muscular Dystrophy and Grief:
"The work I've done with Dr. Robert McDonald has transformed my life in so many ways. It literally has saved my marriage, helped me resolve grief from the death of both of my parents, and is reversing the debilitating effects of muscular dystrophy. Through this work I've clarified my life's purpose and opened myself to profound belief changes. This is the deepest, most lasting transformational work available anywhere. I'm deeply grateful to be able to work with and know Robert."
Kate Rowland, MA, Speech Therapist

Stroke and Coma:
"On Christmas day I had a stroke.  I was paralyzed and in a coma for almost one month. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Dr. Luzette McDonald came to the hospital and worked with me for about 30 minutes.  I came out of the coma and spoke.  They saved my life. It has been two years. There is no evidence that I ever had had a stroke. I have had no complications whatsoever.  My heart is filled with gratitude and love."
Janice Rebstock, Licensed Addictions Counselor, Louisiana

Grief: Loss of Mother
"I have a sense of peace whenever I think of my mother.  This wonderful change from the grief I've experienced since her death last year, I attribute to the process you led me through in your Healing the Heart of Loss workshop. I am so grateful to you.  I am singing your praises!  There is a new quietness in my heart and my head that enables me to genuinely listen to others, and to be loving and accepting more of the time, with more people.  What a relief.  What a gift!"
Valerie Flynn Wintz

“I have owned a wholistic health center since 1986. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is the most profound healer I’ve ever met. Following his instructions, I completely healed a phobia that had gripped me for over 30 years. In his courses, I have watched classmates heal their grief, release their compulsions, boost their motivation and resolve their conflicts. Robert combines great intelligence with great compassion. People feel safe and classes are full of laughter, excitement and insight. If you are want to transform your pain into joy, and to have more resources and freedom in your life, take his classes. If you want a career in helping others heal their pain, take his classes.”
Robert N. Jones, MBA, owner of A Sante health Center, Los Gatos, CA.

Rape Memory (16 year follow-up):
"I worked with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald 16 years ago, because I was raped at 13 and raped again by someone else at 14. I got pregnant from the second rape and had the child. I was treated so brutally by the men who raped me and said such horrible things to me.  Because I was so young when it happened, I didn't understand that rapists try to control you not only by physically abusing you, but also by trying to mentally manipulate you and make you feel you are worthless.  Their words stuck with me a lot longer than the physical abuse.  Like a lot of victims, I blamed myself and could not understand what I did to deserve to be treated like that. Those traumatic events were a major part of my life, emotionally draining and confusing. They impacted my future relationships in my personal life as well as my work life.  I was living under a huge cloud of despair and had very low self-esteem. I saw many therapists for help but nothing worked. Then in 1992, at 34, I saw Dr. Robert McDonald for one session.  The work I did with him changed my life. It set me free.  It helped me lift the weight and remove the dark cloud of despair. I felt immediate relief, got past those painful memories and was able to get on with my life. The benefits of that one session have lasted for 16 years.  Of course, I feel sad for the little girl I was, because I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through.  But, I can think and talk about those events without feeling bad. I feel strong and confident. I am in a great marriage with three grown children and an 11 year-old granddaughter. I am a successful person, wife and mother."
V.J., California

Eating Compulsion:
"In a classroom in 1996, I watched Dr. Robert McDonald resolve a woman's compulsion to eat chocolate mint cookies.  And even though I didn't have a problem with chocolate mint cookies specifically, his work changed my reactions, too.  That change has lasted for 12 years.  Today, in 2008, every time I talk about that experience, think of chocolate mint cookies, or see them in the grocery store, a very slight feeling of nausea comes over me for a nano second, long enough for me to always say, 'No thank you.'"
Carol Beck, California

Grief and Painful Memories:
“What I experienced in Dr. Robert McDonald’s Healing The Wounded Heart was beyond miraculous.  I personally experienced healing of deep issues of pain, grief, and painful memories that I had been unable to ‘get over’ even with all the tools and spiritual work that I’ve done and have access to.  I got my life back and many other people have already benefited by it.  I am most excited about the transformational tools he is teaching me to use in helping others.  I will always be grateful and I am excited to take everything I can from Dr. Robert and Dr. Luzette.  The power of this work for speedy transformation is almost beyond belief, and I wouldn’t have believed it myself, except I experienced it first hand, and I am still healed.” 
Rev. Dr. Janette Marie Freeman, President, Affiliated New Thought Network

Grief:  Survivor of Husband's Suicide
"I am able to talk about my husband and his death without any emotional distress.  No more pain, no more distress, no chest pains, no tears, no guilt. I am deeply grateful! I attended Dr. Robert McDonald's Resolving Traumatic Memories workshop, because nothing had resolved the trauma of my husband's suicide and the events involved with his death. After experiencing the Trauma Resolution Process, there was such relief. As I write this, four months later, those traumatic feelings are completely gone. "
Brenda Reamer, Lafayette, LA

Grief: Loss of Mother (six year follow-up)
"For 30 years I felt sad when I thought of my deceased mother. I felt all losses, even losing little objects, very deeply. Now, my grief is over. I am happy when I think of her. Dr. Robert McDonald performed this miracle for me six years ago, in one session. Since then I have seen Robert heal serious trauma, addiction, co-dependence and many other deeply felt wounds in just one session. When I watch Robert work and I witness his loving presence with a client, I feel honored to be in the presence of a truly brilliant healer. Robert can teach others his skills and I am in the process of learning them."
Vicki Dempsey, Attorney-Teacher

Grief:  Loss of Father
“Dr. Robert McDonald has helped me find meaning in NLP tools. I am forever grateful to him for his warm, compassionate and loving guidance in helping me completely resolve the grief over the untimely death of my father. I have been exposed to a variety of NLP teachings by different instructors, and I’ve found Robert’s true passion for teaching, “magical” mastery of language, and deep caring for his students to be genuinely unique in the NLP community.”
Gary Auerbach, BSEE, MBA, Software Engineer.

"Within two hours, in a group setting, I was liberated from a painful attachment with my stepdaughter that has plagued me for twenty years. Following the physical, emotional and spiritual release Dr. Robert facilitated, I felt immediate peace and spaciousness. That freedom from emotional drama and obsessive thought has stayed with me.  Dr. Robert has an extraordinary gift. I recommend him and the Telos Healing Center to anyone who is really ready to drop some emotional baggage and travel lighter. What a joy!"  Sheri Clark, Psychotherapist

Left/Right Confusion:
"It's a Miracle! For 58 years I carried a secret burden of having to logically determine my right from my left.  As a result of a 20 minute process that Dr. Robert guided me through during Part I of Healing The Wounded Heart, I now know my right and left without any thoughts needed to figure it out!  It's effortless.  That life-long, embarrassing problem is completely gone.  Dr. Robert also guided me in a process about my fear of looking at my bills and cash flow.  Afterward, I gracefully - without resistance, nor fear - paid all my bills and balanced my two checkbooks for the first time in 3 years. I even made a cash flow/revenue/budget. Now I realize that paying everything on time is much easier to attain than I ever imagined.  I enjoy doing it!  Amazing!!
Kathleen Sims, Founder and Director of The Center of Conscious Relationships.  Co-Founder of Shared Potentials Healing Center.

Belief Change:
"After several decades of studying positive thinking techniques, I was exhausted at what was holding me back from believing in myself and taking action towards my dreams. Changing my beliefs has impacted every relationship in my life. Anyone who wants to be healed of limiting beliefs should attend Spiritual Psychology, or any of Dr. Robert McDonald's workshops on belief change through the Telos Healing Center."
Carol Shields, California

Weight Loss:
"My life has really changed since working with Dr. Luzette McDonald.  I let go of many emotional traumas that held me back for years.  And no matter what my diet consisted of, or what exercise regime I undertook, I couldn't lose weight I'd gained a few years ago until I took Dr. Luzette's Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.  I lost twenty pounds.  Thank you Dr. Luzette for continually (but nicely) reminding me that by masking (and medicating) myself, I was keeping myself from moving forward. 
Kathy Paalani, California

Startle Response (PTSD):
“I had a deeply disturbing startle response that was caused by a variety of traumatic experiences and exacerbated by a terrible car accident. It was so extreme that it was not only negatively affecting my well-being, but also my relationships. For two years, I tried EMDR and other counseling methods to cure this PTSD and nothing worked. At my wits end, during the annual Affiliate New Thought Network conference in 2009, I asked Dr. Robert Dee McDonald for help. He took me through an effortless 45 minute process and the extreme startle response was immediately eliminated. I was and am amazed and astonished! As of this writing, I have I have lived in peace for the past two years. I am eternally grateful for the ability to move through life with grace and dignity relieved of the PTSD!  
Rev. Dr. Janine H. Burns


"The End of Self-Criticism changed by my life forever, over time. I want to thank Dr. Robert Dee McDonald again and again for his brilliant, clear, precise and profound education and mentorship! I hardly ever criticize myself, and I owe much of my change to him and Destination Method Coaching, which I have incorporated into my life!  Thank you from the center of my heart!"

With Aloha, Karren Louise

 Healing Core Issues:

 "Healing Core Issues in Sedona was the greatest workshop I have ever attended.  I felt so supported and cared for - I never felt as connected to a group. Now, my relationship with Pam is at its best in 8 years.  I have been working on a new health plan, and the numbers on my scale are going down again.  I am looking at alternatives for healing physically, and I think they are working much better.  Asking for what I want is easier.  Making decisions for myself on what is working and what isn't seems clearer.  If I make a decision and it isn't exactly what works best for me, I do not come down on myself.  I just make a new decision. I look forward to repeating the course next spring."
Ellen Thrash, LCSW 

"Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's processes are amazing, but the Healing Core Issues Retreat, five days in Sedona, was earth shattering."  Cheryl Brown, California 

"Words cannot express the feelings I have in response to Healing Core Issues in Sedona.  I can express gratitude and love and appreciation!  Every single person there was exactly perfect.  Every experience was perfect.  Sedona is a place where the reality that God is Everywhere is so obvious, all the time.  It is very healing."  Dr. Kate Gilmore 


"During Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's 30-minute forgiveness process, I completely forgave my ex-daughter-in-law and healed a 13-year hatred.  Afterward, I told her how much I loved her. To anyone else this forgiveness would probably seem impossible.  My daughter couldn't imagine it happening in her lifetime.  Since this process, I have a better attention span, better retention, better sleep, and a much lighter heart. There are no words to thank you enough."
Jill Sorenson, Southern California


 Healing The Wounded Heart:  Core Tools to Be a Coach & Be Your Own Coach

"I am practitioner and master practitioner of NLP and I studied health certification from the world's best NLP trainers.  But, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's Healing The Wounded Heart program and Destination Method (TDM) is far beyond these.  To me HTWH is like finding a gem.  Everything is so clear.   In my work, I have 100% success using TDM.  It's fantastic. It's absolutely astonishing. With TDM you fully understand the structure of unnecessary suffering and what to do about it. With this knowledge, I feel like a millionaire.  People have to experience it to know what I am talking about."

Adabelle Princz, Florida

Results of Releasing Emotional Enmeshment With Twin Sister

"In relation to my twin sister, all my life I felt like I couldn't be great, couldn't shine. I couldn't have too much success in my life because it made me feel really, really bad. 


"But since Dr. Robert Dee McDonald took me through his amazing Releasing Emotional Enmeshment process, there isn't the caretaking feeling that was there.  It's just not there.  Of course, I love my sister and care for her.  I just don't have the sense that I have to fix her, or watch what I say when things are going really well for me.


"I now experience freedom.  I am now able to be successful and share success without worrying about it.  It's the care-taking piece that is gone.  I now know in myself that my sister has the constitution to handle things. I feel like somehow because I've changed, she's changed.  This is freedom.  I don't have to hold myself back from my success.  I'm not worried about her response to my success.  Big freedom in that!   Amazingly, the way I feel now seems to be the way I've always been."

Wendy Vatalich, MFT, author


Painful Memories:
"It's miraculous! In a few minutes, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald helped me to completely resolve a painful memory that had haunted me for 18 months.  I am amazed!"  April Magen


Resolving Unnecessary Suffering With TDM:

"Since being certified in The Destination Method by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, what used to require months and even years of therapy is now often accomplished in a single session. I have helped my clients rapidly resolve grief reactions as survivors of suicide, traumas from childhood sexual abuse, panic attacks, damaging emotional enmeshments, addictions and much more. If every psychotherapist would take the time to learn the tools of TDM, a great deal of suffering could be avoided."

Dr. Jane Bolton, PsyD, LMFT, CC 


Co-Dependence to Independence:

"I wanted to let you know how much of an impact your seminars have had on my life.  They have helped me become more aware, calm, and centered.  I had been in a long term on and off relationship for over 10 years.  Your seminar on co-dependency really shifted me and helped me let go and become more comfortable on my own.  I can't say Thank you enough!"

Elisa Olivos


Grief:  Loss of a Son
"Dr. Robert Dee McDonald helped me, in one session, to completely heal the profound shock, trauma and grief I felt over the death of my 23 year old son. All I can tell you is I have experienced a life-changing miracle. Now when I think of my son, I do not cry tears of sadness and loss, I cry tears of joy. It is absolutely incredible! I didn't know I could feel this way again. I have studied healing modalities and spirituality for more than 12 years, and I have never experienced anything as miraculous as this!  I want everyone suffering over the loss of a loved one, the way I did, to know that rapid and compassionate healing is now possible.   I am spreading the good news!"
Jean Swann, Creator of The Wisdom Show


Grief:  Loss of Husband of 42 years

"Dear Dr. Robert, The mp3 called Healing Yes, Healing No arrived in the nick of time, as I was beginning to think I was losing my mind weeping like a fool at 4 a.m. in the kitchen, because a drawer was stuck!  Realizing even then of course that I am the one who's stuck, since my husband of 42 years passed away 7 months ago.  I found the exercise extremely moving even though I am not much of a visualizer.  Thank you so very much for creating this superb gift for us all.  I am definitely feeling much more peaceful, and I find my awareness and intuition to be remarkably heightened.  My third eye is still buzzing like crazy, and I am swimming in a sea of golden hearts, which is my final symbol.  How very beautiful. Heartfelt gratitude and love to you and your team."

Carol Smerling, 71


Healing Core Issues Retreat:  Unworthiness

"The Healing Core Issues Retreat is exactly as it is described.  I have experienced deep healing of two core issues I had all my life:  a feelling of unworthiness and a reluctance to exercise.  Although I went back to the same work enviornment that I came from, I am not the same person.  I have experineced a shift in my life.  Several people have commented that they have noticed a difference in how I am experiencing life.  Thank you!"

Susan Wilkinson, teacher and TDM Coach


Anxiety and Money:
Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's teachings and tools are wonderful, powerful and infused with love. Thanks to the work I’ve done with him, I’m powering up my finances and opening up new creative opportunities for myself. I now have an ongoing freelance writing and online publishing contract.

I spent years and thousands of dollars in psychotherapy, which I found useful to better understand how my ways of thinking were messing up my life. Problem was, all that understanding didn’t necessarily help me change. My therapist expressed frustration with me for not making the changes I said I wanted to make. I was trying, working at it really hard, but it wasn’t sticking. Then I happened upon one of Dr. McDonald's workshops —and after a 15-20-minute process, I felt great and could hardly remember what I’d been feeling anxious about in the first place!  Then I started listening to his CDs and attending more workshops and — wow! — I found myself making positive changes left and right. Dr. McDonald introduced me to rocket fuel for positive change propulsion, when all this time I’ve been moseying along on foot.  I am so grateful!"   July L. Cassino

Adabelle Princz, Florida