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                           All Zoom and Face-to-Face Seminars in 2022                            

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2022:  Women of Wisdom.  Stay Inspired!                                                                 Every saturday from 10am to 12 noon PST on Zoom.                                                          To join, simply email RevLuzette@TelosCenter.com.

Live Daily Meditations with Rev. Dr. Luette McDonald:Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 8:50am, California time. Anytime on Facebook. 
September 20-25, 2022:                                                                                              The 7 Steps of God:  Activating the Creative Order. A Six Day Certification Coaches Training in the Structure of Transpersonal Experience and Magic, Mysteries and Miracles. The DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton,near Disneyland, CA. 
Apply now via email Robert@TelosCenter.com.

The Creative Order is the Transpersonal Structure behind all change work. It is the foundation of magic, mysteries, and miracles. It is the missing link between the visible and Invisible, the finite and Infinite, the mundane and Numinous, all effects and First Cause. Most people are unaware that they can use this great power. This Training is your wake-up call.  Join us and learn how to consciously Activate the Creative Order, while realizing the Future of the Future, for purposes of transformation and abundance at every level: physical, emotional, mental, financial, relational, and Spiritual. When you fully integrate body, emotions, mind, and Spirit you will understand the scaffolding of the mind, create an ineluctable future, and surrender to the unfolding of down-to-Earth miracles. You will learn to organize and utilize your dreams, actions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and identity to allow measurable change in health, wealth, relationships, and wisdom into your life.  The truth is this Professional Level Training is beyond anything you've ever done. 



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