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Rev. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

 Creator of The Destination® Method

• Founder of The Telos Healing Center
Former Director of Mental and Spiritual Wellness at The Center for New Medicine
• Former Board Member of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Co-Founder of
• Co-Founder of
• Internationally Known Trainer and Early Developer of NLP
Author of Tools of the Spirit and The New Technology of Achievement
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“Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is 1,000 times more effective than any other Executive Coach I know in business.  If you are serious about your career and/or your company’s growth, Robert is the Coach you want.”
Mary Pat Blake, MBA Harvard, President of Blake Strategic Consulting

     Dr. Robert Dee McDonald created The Destination® Coaching Method, a transpersonal coaching strategy that offers a pathway to personal evolution and the resolution of suffering at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness (see the Destination® Method Page). Within The Destination Method, Robert created many models, including The Creative Order; The Pathway to Purpose; The Seven Levels of Awareness, Virtues and Shadows; The Evolution of Genius; The Evolution of Self;
and The Developmental Model. 

  Before creating The Destination Coaching Method, Dr. Robert was a Master Trainer and early developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has created over 50 processes within NLP and TDM.  He is a pioneer in the fields of addictions, co-dependence and spirituality. He wrote Tools of the Spirit: Pathways to the Realization of Universal Innocence, (Meta-Publications) with Robert Dilts. He also co-authored the best selling NLP book of all time, The New Technology of Achievement (William Morrow, Publishing) while writing Creating High Self-Esteem for Insight Magazine. He is also the co-author of two Nightingale-Conant Audio CD Albums: The New Technology of Achievement and Success Mastery With NLP.  

    In addition, Dr. McDonald created The Releasing Emotional Enmeshment Process, a procedure  designed to resolve addictions and co-dependence. It is featured in the NLP classic text Heart of the Mind and in John Bradshaw's Homecoming. Robert is also the creator of the The Kinesthetic, Olfactory & Gustatory Swish Processes; The Self-Love Process; The Sanctuary Process; The Father Yes - Father No Process; The Good Mother - Bad Mother Process; The Self-Parenting Process; The Coupled Heart Process; The Forgiving The Unforgivable Process; The Healing Yes, Healing No Process; The Mission Detection Process; The Charismatic Self Process; The Womb of Wisdom Process; The Activation of the Creative Order Process; The Faith of a Mustard Seed or Future of the Future Process; and many more.   
    Since early childhood, Robert has been fascinated with the nature and structure of deeply meaningful personal change, as well as how and why people express themselves. After resolving his own grief over his father's suicide, and while earning a Master of Science Degree in Counseling and Mental Health, Robert wrote a manual for psychotherapists that provided specific methods to effectively resolve the grief felt by survivors of suicide. Today, having earned a Doctor of Divinity Degree from The Emerson Theological Institute, Robert continues his commitment to the practical application of the transformational aspects of coaching, language, spirituality, and singing. As a professional lecturer on interpersonal communication and mental health skills for over 40 years, he has taught thousands of people from all walks of life, across the USA and in 19 countries around the world.  
    At the border of the mental and the spiritual levels of reality, Robert discovered the Cycle of Addicton, created the original Releasing Emotional Enmeshment Process, and designed Love and Limits: Assertion, Empathy and Forgiveness. Here is a sampling of his personal evolution seminars which help resolve individual and group suffering through the marriage of meaning, purpose and compassion with skills, methods and technology:
  • Healing The Wounded Heart: Core Tools for Coaches 
  • The Power of Dynamic Listening & Metaphors
  • Love & Limits:  Assertion, Empathy and Forgiveness
  • Healing The Heart of Loss:  The End of Grief
  • Healing The Heart of Injury:  The End of Painful Memories.
  • Freedom From Addiction:  The End of Emotional Enmeshment
  • The Centered Coach:  How to Be Srong, Belong & Be Kind
  • The Insightful Coach:  Dreams, Myths & Symbols in Coaching
  • The 7 Steps of God:  Activating the Creative Order 
  • Sacred Psychology:  Freedom From Limiting Beliefs 
  • Men, Women and Intimacy (The Open Hand - The Naked Heart)
  • Dream Dynamics
  • The Dream Master
  • The Spirit of Personal Wealth
  • The Fundamentals of The Destination Method 
  • Pathway to Purpose Levels I, II & III 
  • Love, Grace and Gratitude 
  • Tools of the Spirit (with Robert Dilts) 
  • Group Mind & Team Spirit (with Robert Dilts)  
  • Belief Change: Identity and Self-Esteem 
  • Replenishing The Spirit for Ministers and Counselors 
  • The End of Modern Diseases
  • Fearless Self-Love
  • Forgive and Prosper
  • Healing The Inner Critic
  • Fearless Health
  • And many more
    On the Spiritual Level, as a result of his Doctoral studies, Robert created the first fundamental addition to the New Thought Movement and Centers for Spiritual Living in the past 150 years:  The Activation of the Creative Order Process and The Faith of a Mustard Seed or Future of the Future Process. 
    Dr. Robert's personal mission in life is to heal and be healed. His vision is a world populated with healers. And his purpose is to create Heaven on Earth. All of his work reflects his mission and vision and is founded on the spiritual principle that behind every behavior, thought, feeling and experience are universally acceptable gifts and positive intentions, which often need additional modes of expression. 
Rev. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald:
"This is my take on human suffering: Meaningless pain is more than I can bear. I can think of nothing more horrible than finding no answer to my need to know the reasons why the world has brought me unspeakable pain. But I refuse the lure of numbness that comes from favoring negative meaning. And so I am left with turning my life upside down and inside out to fully embrace the shock of finding positive meaning and goodness at the core of the inexplicable. In this way, I open to obey Spirit’s instruction to Love Anyway."

Praise for Rev. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald:


     "I am happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald. I have trained extensively with him, and his work is the foundation of mine. He is one of the master healers of our time, IMHO."  Renee Stephens, PhD, author of Full Filled, Certified Life Coac,                                           
    "As a busy mind and body healer in private practice, my time is extremely valuable. I have studied with hundreds of teachers, trainers, authors and seminar and workshop leaders for over 35 years. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is in a class of his own, at the top of the mountain of teachers and seminar leaders. To my mind, there are no better trainings on the planet."
Dr. Robert Low, D.Div, Master Destination® Coach andTrainer, NLP Master Practitioner and Hellerwork Practitioner;
    "I have owned a wholistic health center since 1986. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is the most profound healer I've ever met. Following his instructions, I completely healed a phobia that had gripped me for over 30 years. In his courses, I have watched classmates heal their grief, release their compulsions, boost their motivation and resolve their conflicts. Robert combines great intelligence with great compassion. People feel safe and classes are full of laughter, excitement and insight. If you are want to transform your pain into joy, and to have more resources and freedom in your life, take his classes. If you want a career in helping others heal their pain, take his classes."
Robert N. Jones, MBA, owner of A Sante health Center, Los Gatos, CA.

    "I have had extensive training in a variety of therapeutic modalities. I am a licensed psychotherapist and Destination® Coach. In my experience, Dr. Robert McDonald has provided, by far, some of the most effective, precise and profound tools for healing and transformation. As a result of training with Robert, I have developed great confidence because I am able to assist clients in resolving almost any issue that causes unnecessary suffering in their lives."
Joni Mamicki, LCSW;
    "Dr. Robert Dee McDonald has helped me find meaning in NLP tools. I am forever grateful to him for his warm, compassionate and loving guidance in helping me completely resolve the grief over the untimely death of my father. I have been exposed to a variety of NLP teachings by different instructors, and Iíve found Robertís true passion for teaching, ìmagicalî mastery of language, and deep caring for his students to be genuinely unique in the NLP community."
Gary Auerbach, BSEE, MBA, Software Engineer;
   "Having studied with and coached for many NLP trainers, I can unequivocally say that Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is among the very best of them. His demonstrations with real clients are impeccably effective for both the client and student."  Tom Gorley, NLP Master Practitioner and Piano Technician


     "As a physical philosopher, teacher and pioneer of a dance form which is now practiced on 5 continents, I judge other teachers harshly. I very rarely find a teacher with something of evolutionary importance to present; one who can hold in present state and articulate the fundamental principals basic to the truth of their material. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald does this in spades! He is a master teacher and the value of his work can and will touch the heart of each individual, while taking us all to a greater realization of what ís possible on this path we all walk, human consciousness."
Nita Little Nelson;
From Phil Mandel, NLP Master Practitioner and Destination® Coach:                                                                   "I have been studying NLP for around ten years. I thought I knew how to think and do NLP pretty well.  Then I went to Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's Healing the Wounded Heart program. When I read the curriculum on the first day of class, I almost asked Robert if I could get a discount since I already knew most of the processes he was planning to teach. Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut and proceeded to learn, and I mean really learn, how to do a Visual Swish like no other, how to do the Conflict Resolution Process at the deepest possible level, how to eat, think and breathe the Presuppositions of NLP.
    I can't say enough in praise about Robert McDonald or about any of his programs. I've been through his Introduction to NLP, Releasing Emotional Enmeshment, Spirit of Personal Wealth, Pathway to Purpose, HTWH, and Tools of the Spirit (with Robert Dilts) programs. I can't get enough. Robert is the creator of the Releasing Emotional Enmeshment process, the Kinesthic Swish, and others. He has recently created a new process called the Dr. McDonald Spontaneous Healing Process, and in fifteen minutes, he used it to assist me in almost completely healing the symptoms of vertigo I used to have.
    Dr. Robert McDonald and his teachings are a major part of the reason that I am able to do effective work with my clients. My goal is to model and "become" Robert, to the extent practical, when I work with someone. The personal transformation I experience every time I'm with him is incredible.
    One of the best parts of HTWH was when Robert worked with some NLP-naive people in front of the group. A couple of the participants brought some of their clients to the class, and Robert worked absolute magic with them. I learned at least as much from those demonstrations and from witnessing how tenderly he works with people as from the rest of the program.
    Get the picture? I love this guy and I love what he does, and I thank God regularly that he's on the planet (and I tell him these things regularly). And I love the model he is developed, The Destination® Method, the Study of the Spiritual Purpose of the Mind.
    For me, Healing the Wounded Heart is a major step beyond conventional Practitioner and Master Practitioner NLP trainings.  If you want your life to be transformed, if you want your skills as a sensitive, accomplished practitioner to be polished like a fine ruby, please consider attending this program."
Phil Mandel,
    "Robert's warmth, tenderness and sincere caring for each and every one of the participants, including myself, made me realize that I had finally found an instructor who gave a Heart to NLP." Sonia Rodriguez, NLP Master Practitioner
    "I entered the workshop expecting information and techniques. I left the workshop filled with change and awareness. A profound experience for me! Robert McDonald is superb, witty, intelligent and very caring. A joy to work with."
Norma S. Keider, Psychologist and Management Consultant
    "I have spent ten years in therapy and feel this workshop has helped me over come more and in less time."
Mary F. Chestnut
    "I received an immense amount of healing. I got my money's worth half way through the program. This is the first NLP Seminar that I have attended that speaks of the spiritual, higher power and the importance of that in my life."
Phil Vogel, Roman Catholic Priest
    "I thought you were one of the best trainers I've ever experienced."
Tamara Andreas, Founder and Owner of NLP of Ohio 
    "Robert McDonald, truly you are a gift from heaven as you facilitated me in taking major steps toward my purpose of being an effective therapist and a loving human being committed to growth. May I pass the torch on as eloquently as you gave it to me."
Sally J. Fullmer, MA Therapist
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