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Founded by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald

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At Telos, we intend to heal the heart of the world through the integration of tender compassion and effective technology: The marriage of the Heart and the Sword.

Our mission is to heal and be healed.

Our vision is to see the world populated by extremely effective, compassionate coaches of all kinds.

Our purpose is to help create heaven on earth.

   In order to achieve our Telos, which is the ultimate goal of all goals, we use and teach The Destination® Coaching MethodClick here to watch: The Destination Method Video

The Destination® Coaching Method is a comprehensive and compassionate transpersonal coaching strategy that employs extraordinarily powerful Telos Tools.  Our tools are designed to resolve unnecessary suffering at every level of human experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the background of our Telos Tools, we have faith in the spiritual dimensions of being, goodness and principle, as expressed in the first two, of our 30, convictions:

 1. People are beings, not actions, nor things, nor systems of things. 

 2. People are innocent, incomparably good.

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